B & M Scientific & BruinChild Media host inspiring event at Lentegeur High

B & M Scientific collaborated with BruinChild Media to bring a message of awareness and hope to Lentegeur High in celebration of Mandela Day on the 18th of July.

BruinChild Media founder Alex Cupido says: “Mitchells Plain is a place where gangsterism and drugs are on every corner. It has infiltrated some schools. The teachers battle and some of them fear for their lives while working in these high schools.”

Guns and knives kill, but Nelson Mandela once said that education is a powerful weapon that you
can use to change the world.

Our CEO Majid Hargey added: “Nelson Mandela said the youth are our leaders of tomorrow, therefore we wanted to focus on young people. The future is in their hands.”

Rapper MR MP performs his original tribute song called “Mitchells Pain”

The 67-minute programme in honor of the beloved late statesman, Nelson Mandela, included a minute of silence for the six children who were tragically killed in an accident on AZ Berman Drive while en route to school just before 8am on 30 May 2023.

Rapper Mr. MP performed a song called “Mitchells Pain” as a tribute to those who lost their lives.



The Lentegeur Volleyball Club also handed out certificates to students who excelled in sports – two
of whom were selected for the Western Cape Volley Ball Team and one for the WP Rugby Team.
Franklin Cupido from The Prison Ministry also spoke openly about what he went through in prison, giving details about what actually happens inside jail cells.

Ashley Uys, CEO of Medical Biodiagnostech, inspired the crowd with his story about growing up in poor conditions, but not letting that stop him from becoming an owner of the leading biotech company in Cape Town.

Arlene from B & M Scientific and Alex Cupido

Majid Hargey added:

“Its an honor for B & M Scientific to work with BruinChild Media and other companies to bring such an amazing thought-provoking and fun event to the youth. Thank you to BruinChild Media for allowing us to work with you and thank you to the other businesses who came forward. Together we can achieve much more than what we can, alone.”

Alex Cupido said that as a former drug addict, organising social awareness campaigns is a personal
mission for him.


“Tik nearly ruined my life. I was an addict for 15 years. Drugs left me hopeless and homeless. My father was murdered outside our gate when I was two years old during an argument about drugs. I started using as a teen and would have also lost my life if I continued down the same dark and dangerous path.”

Images by Litt Visuals.


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