EKASI MARKET: Farmers bring fresh food & fun to Mfuleni

The Ekasi Farmers Market took place on 5 March 2022. Eight vendors were given the opportunity to sell the cream of their crop. The public was treated to fresh produce directly from the farm.

SUPPER was sorted for Mfuleni residents last weekend, thanks to eight vendors who gathered at the Ekasi Farmers Market.

The event took place on Saturday 5 March and the community were treated to a variety of fresh produce, brought directly from the farm and community gardens. They also enjoyed entertainment from dance crews as well as local rapper, Big D.

Big D even showed the ladies a few moves and it was clear that the rapper has rhythm to match his rhymes.

ENTERTAINMENT: Dance crews and local rapper, Big D, performed at event

The vendors were from various places around the Western Cape; including Khayelitsha, Stellenbosch and Nuwebegin near Blue Downs. Each vendor showcased their specialities and people were able to purchase boerewors rolls, herbs, plants, herbal remedies, artwork, chicken, fruit and veggies.

Some vendors even inspired community members to create their very own veggie gardens. People could buy seeds to grow their own cabbage, carrots, coriander, pumpkin, and spring onion.

Not only were your meals sorted for the weekend (and for the future, if you bought some seeds) but also your cooking outfit too. That’s if you got your hands on one of the aprons that “Auntie” from Belhar was selling on the day.

Meanwhile, Fresh & Crispy vendor and event organiser, Donald Puza, says these events are much-needed in our communities.

“The event was successful and some vendors made some money to take home.
I loved the fact that they were selling vegetables, herbs, seeds, clothing and also different items like bead necklaces and arts and crafts.
There was one vendor from Mfuleni who does natural organic remedies and body rubs for pain.
This shows people that what we grow can become something that assists society in various ways,” says Donald, who ensured that everyone’s stomachs were filled by selling delicious boerewors on fresh rolls.

The event was part of the B & M Scientific agriculture initiative which aims to provide small-scale farmers and community gardeners with the resources they need to grow their farms or gardeners into sustainable businesses.

B & M Scientific and the vendors would like to thank everyone for “cropping” out some “thyme” to support the event.

Follow the B & M Scientific Facebook page for more information about our CSI projects and events.

SHOW THE MOVES: Vendors and supporters dancing at the event


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