B&M Scientific is running a special on the infrared thermometers. When you purchase our non-contact thermometer you will also receive our inhouse brand of Aloe based hand sanitizer gel as well as 2 3-ply facemasks. The thermometer is compact and easy to use and our hand sanitizer gel contains Aloe extracts with glycerine for keeping your skin hydrated to minimize the application of hand sanitizers.

In this order you will get :

1 x Infrared Thermometer ( Includes Batteries)

500ml 70% Aloe Hand Sanitizer Gel

2 x 3-Ply Facemasks

To place an order you can send your request through to rep1@bmscientific.co.za or call us on 021 933 8132.

This is a flyer that shows 3 products which are an infrared thermometer, hand sanitizer, and a 3 ply mask.

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